McPherson relishes Lowndes High atmosphere

Randy McPherson knows a thing or two about state championships. His Madison County (FL) Cowboys were on top of the world in 2001. In the off-season, McPherson took his winning ways to Lowndes County to replace legendary coach Milt Miller.

This season Lowndes has played with skill and fervor, finishing the regular season with a 7-2 mark.

One of those two losses was to Valdosta in the Winnersville Classic, a game that marks bragging rights in South Georgia for an entire season.

McPherson knows he'll have another crack at the Cats, but he also knows he'll need to put that game behind him in order to take Lowndes to another state title.

The Vikings last championship run culminated in the big prize in 1999. McPherson is excited about coaching in South Georgia and looks forward to the Vikings first round road game against Lovejoy ....

Q: What is the biggest difference in coaching football in North Florida than South Georgia?

McPherson: There is a difference, the competition is different. I came from a smaller school to an enormous school with a lot of kids and a lot of different options. The fans are more involved as well. It's as close to a college atmosphere as you can get in high school football. The fans are great in Florida too but there are a lot more people coming out in Georgia.

Q: Playing at Lovejoy could pose a problem. Do you see it that way?

McPherson: The road is not a big deal at all. Some teams play at home, some on the road. Everyone is in the playoffs, and you can't worry about where you are playing at.

Q: Let's talk about 3 of your players, ranked tops with

Blake Bonner:

McPherson: Blake is a solid Offensive Lineman. He's a big kid, very physical. He's had some contact with some big schools, but I don't want to predict where he'll go just yet, but he'll be an impact player on Saturdays.

Cory Clemons:

McPherson: Cory is a great wide receiver. He too is being recruited by several schools. If I were a college coach, this is the kind of receiver I would go after. He can get open, but better than that, he has great hands.

Zachary Parker:

McPherson: Zach is our tight end. He too has real good hands, we count on him like we count on all the seniors to contribute. He's a big kid, very tall. He's a real competitor.

McPherson: All 3 guys are very important to the offense. We run a team oriented offense, it is not a one man show at Lowndes High School.

Q: Do you have to get your kids riled up for the playoffs or can they do that themselves?

McPherson: The excitement will be there. I don't have to say anything. All we have to do is go to Lovejoy and take care of business.

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