Prospect Q&A: M.L. King's Joel Kight speaks with the talented running back/linebacker prospect from Lithonia. Any new scholarship offers to report?

Joel Kight: Nope, no offers right now. I am still hearing from all the same schools, though. What schools?

JK: Schools like Oklahoma State, Boston College and UConn. Those are the main ones. I have been hearing from a lot more that have offered me a scholarship. The list is pretty big of schools. You recently attended camp at Auburn. How was that trip?

JK: It was great. I had a good time there competing. Do you think that Auburn is interested in you?

JK: Definitely. I have been talking some with their running backs coach, Coach (Eddie) Gran. He has been saying that he wants to come over and see some of my games this year. What about your season? Are you and your teammates ready to kick off the 2008 year?

JK: We have been working real hard. We are working out and practicing so we can get that state championship.

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