Thomas Co. Central Looks to Keep Up Winning Ways

Thomas County Central football coach Ed Pilcher has to pinch himself. How does a team of underachievers finish the regular season undefeated and find themselves in the post season?

The Yellow Jackets were victorious in round one of the playoffs, and now will set their sights on Upson-Lee. At 8-3, Upson isn't the best team the Jackets will face this season, but they aren't the worst either.

"They just got through upsetting the defending state champs (Statesboro) 14-6. They played very well against them and were very physical. At this point in the season, I'm just glad to be playing anybody", said Pilcher, "From a pride standpoint, we'd rather play Statesboro."

That's because if you remember, Statesboro ended the Jackets season a year ago. This year, TCCHS is doing it with a group of no-names. There are no big time college recruits on this team, as a matter of fact, there are a few small college recruits, as well. But like the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots of last season, TCCHS plays as a team.

"Every team I've had is different", says Pilcher, "One year we went 10-1 and won it all, another year we went 5-5 and won it all. This team is more consistent than any other team I've ever had. Are they the most talented? I'm not going to say that, but they've played hard in every game."

For a coach, that's all you can ask for, that and maybe Charlie Ward as your quarterback. Thomasville is known for its rabid football fans and with TCCHS the only show left in town, Pilcher expects the Jackets' Nest to be rocking on Friday night. He also hopes his team comes to play, no matter what the weather is like outside.

"You expect your kids to come out flat for at least one game in a season, but it hasn't happened," said Pilcher, "I'm proud of this bunch. This is no time to have a flat game, that's what I worry about."

Thomas County Central has made winning look easy, and as the old saying goes, winning isn't boring, losing is.

"I'm having a blast, how could I not, " says Pilcher. "It's a good year, it's fun, but it's easy to say that when you're playing well."

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