Valdosta takes its act to Camden County

You know something is strange when Valdosta is an underdog in any game. Such is the case this weekend as Valdosta (8-2-1) travels to Camden County (11-0).

Camden County is in the second round of playoffs after failing to make it that far the past two seasons. That has been something that has been killing them, but they have as good a team as anyone in the state right now.

No matter what Valdosta's record, the winningest team in high school football can never be overlooked. The question is, how do you beat a team that doesn't know how to lose?

"You have to look at it this way", says Valdosta Head Coach Mike O'Brien, "They don't know how to lose because they haven't played a team that can beat them. We hope we can be the team to beat em. Anyone can lose; we can lose, and our kids know that."

Valdosta's 7-0 win against Riverdale last weekend was nothing short of impressive. The Wildcat defense did something to Riverdale that just doesn't happen. No one shuts out Riverdale; evidentally, Valdosta didn't get the memo.

The Cats are vulnerable. Pressure is on to build on 804 wins, but playing an undefeated team can make number 805 extremely difficult.

"We know they are a good solid football team," says O'Brien, "They're not flashy, and they do things the right way. Obviously they do, because they've done it 11 times this season."

The winner of Friday night's game will play the winner of the Stephenson/South Gwinnett game. For Camden County, it should be a home game; for Valdosta, it's still up in the air.

The winning team must score four more victories on the road to the state title game, but Round 2 between Camden County and Valdosta pits two opponents against each other with such strength that it should be the state title game. That's the beauty of the playoffs, as they are in Georgia, anyone can beat anyone at any time.

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