Vertically challenged lineman anchors Parkview

Parkview High School has as good an offensive line as anyone in the state of Georgia. We always hear about the big boys, Zeb McKinzey, Brandon Pilgrim, and David Overmyer.

Lost in the shuffle is a 5'11, 200 pound ox named Kenneth Czar. Czar is the center of the offensive line. He's a two year starter, but he'll never get the attention he deserves because he's shaped more like Rudy and not Orlando Pace. Miami offensive line coach Art Kehoe said if Czar was 4 inches taller, he'd be a Miami Hurricane for sure.

The senior has started 26 straight games for a team that has won 41 straight, in a nutshell, Czar is a winner.

"We have 3 lineman that everyone in the country is after," says Parkview Head Coach Cecil Flowe, "He plays toe to toe with them, but because he's not 6'4, he falls through the cracks."

Parkview has had success with smaller lineman. Just a few years ago, Nathan Mikes graduated from Parkview and now plays at Carson-Newman. He never would have been looked at because of his size and once he got a hold of you, there was no getting around him.

So Czar now has to follow in the footsteps of one of his friends. Miami, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Georgia won't be calling his name and as of now, no one is. That's where having a coach in the "know" pays off. Coach Flowe is working on Presbeteryan College, trying to convince them to take a chance of Czar.

"He's our team sparkplug," says Flowe, "He plays with tenacity and likes to do it right. He's the rah-rah guy. Our center is required to make a lot of calls on offense."

So here's to the little guys, the ones who should be meaured on size of heart, not body size. Kenneth Czar will get a chance to play football on Saturdays. He wishes the process were easier, but for now, he's focusing on Parkview's run to another state championship, and when it's over, Czar can always look back at a very successful high school experience and look forward to playing football in college

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