Preview: Harrison vs Kennesaw Mtn.

A look at the matchup between the two cross-town rivals this weekend.

Kennesaw is the site of a showdown Friday night between cross-town rivals Kennesaw Mountain and Harrison.

Both teams are fighting for supremecy in the talented 5-AAAAA region of the state.

Kenessaw Mountain will boast homefield advantage for this one as they try to bounce back after a 30-3 loss to Harrison on the road last season.

The Hoyas are looking to keep the upperhand in this series as they have defeated the Mustangs in five of the last six seasons.

Both squads are ranked in the top five in their reegion by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Game information:
Location: Kennesaw Mountain High
Time: 7:30
Records: Kennesaw Mountain 3-1; Harrison 3-0
Scoring per game: Kennesaw Mountain 19.0; Harrison 25.3
Scoring allwed per game: Kennesaw Mountain 10.5; Harrison 10.3

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