Sims and Jones lead Red Elephants

Gainesville, Ga. - Blake Sims and Tailer Jones of Gainesville High School in Georgia are having big impacts in their first season as Red Elephants and both should be big recruits next year.

Quarterback Blake Sims played his sophomore season at Cass, and wide receiver Tailer Jones played his sophomore season at Roswell. The two juniors have teamed up at Gainesville to form one of the most lethal pitch and catch combinations in the state and will be heavily recruited as members of the Class of 2010.

Sims (6-0/195) is a dual-threat athlete that as a sophomore I had pegged to move to a different position on the college level. But he shows a tremendous grasp of the spread offense that Gainesville runs, and his ball arrives with good velocity and accuracy. His mechanics are not picture perfect, but anyone watching college football this season knows two things: 1. College rosters are chock full of guys with good mechanics that are bad quarterbacks, 2. There's more and more demand for the guy that can run and throw.

Jones (6-0/175) does most of his damage in the Gainesville offense on short passes that he turns into long gains. He is a sure handed receiver that shows no hesitation going and getting the ball. He's an instinctive receiver.

Paired with a lights out defense, Sims and Jones have helped lead Gainesville to a 5-0 record this season. See them both in action from their very first game together. Their talents make the spread look easy:

#2 QB Blake Sims

#9 WR Tailer Jones

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