Undefeated Thomas County Central to Play McNair

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, fans of Thomas County Central are having visions of Charlie Ward dancing in their heads. One more win, and the Yellow Jackets are headed for the Georgia Dome.

TCCHS is a perfect 12-0 this season, including an impressive win last week at home against Upson-Lee. This week, McNair comes to the Rose City, a team TCCHS should beat, but with all the upsets we've seen so far this season, you never know. We caught up with TCCHS Head Coach Ed Pilcher to talk about the Jackets' road to the dome.

Q: What does McNair bring to the table on Friday night?

PILCHER: McNair is very athletic; to Ware County in that they have good receivers and a good secondary. What scares me are their linebackers, they are so quick.

Q: How do you stay balanced with an undefeated record and the excitement of Thomasville to win a championship?

PILCHER: We're staying stable doing our job. We're trying to take a very business like approach, keeping everything even keel. We're focused on a goal. The kids have done a great job of keeping their focus this week. We'll turn up the emotion when we need to during the game, but this week, I'm proud of how the kids are reacting to such a big game.

Q: Do you expect the entire town to rally behind you now that you are the only show in town?

PILCHER: I'm sure we'll pick up a few more fans, although, I'm not sure if the Thomasville High fans will cheer for us. Some of them will. Since we are the only show in town, they'll show support for us, as we would for them if they were the only team left. There aren't a lot of football games in South Georgia this weekend, actually. It'll be a good game.

Q: Do you pinch yourself that you have made it through 12 games undefeated?

PILCHER: We haven't even thought about that yet. We know what our record is, but we can't look at it because if you lose, you're done. Maybe when the season is over, we'll look back and remember the good games.

Q:Your defense has been a mainstay over the past few years, especially this year. How good is your defense?

PILCHER: We have a very good defense. The staff coaches hard, the kids play hard. Brandon Walden is a 4 year starter; Eric Rice is having a great year. The defensive front is pretty solid. There's not just one man making all the plays. We have great team work ethic on both sides of the ball.

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