Twin brothers lead GAC to semi-finals

<P>Jeremy and Joseph Chupp are starters for Greater Atlanta Christian. <P>Jeremy and Joseph Chupp are twins. <P>Jeremy and Joseph Chupp not only look to their coach for advice, but for everything.

Greater Atlanta Christian is coached by the twins' father, Jimmy Chupp, and football is a primary part Chupp family life. In addition, the two Chupp sons make up 3 parts of an 11-1 Spartans team that has performed well enough in Class AA to face a fierce Early County team in the Georgia Dome Friday.

Jeremy is a 4-year starter at quarterback while Joseph is a 2-year starter at wide receiver and defensive back.

"It's a joy to coach them," says Coach Chupp. "It's a fulfilment in life. It's not always been easy, but it's always been enjoyable."

Coach Chupp says sometimes he gives the boys football homework when they don't do as well as he thinks they should. Extra work might include film sessions after dinner and between their academic assignments.

Though football plays a major part in their lives, the boys weren't on a football hero fast track.

"They were managers and waterboys," Coach Chupp said. "They didn't start with visions of playing; they just played in the backyard. They ran track and played basketball but eventually they took up football.

"There is no one in the world who has thrown and caught more balls than my boys; it's not possible," he added.

Coach Chupp says he steps out of his coaching box from time to time, trying to enjoy his sons as football players, but when that happens, he usually gets a little heated and quickly remembers he has an entire team to worry about, not just two players.

Having his own son as the quarterback of the team could cause a little controversy in town, especially if you're not winning. Greater Atlanta Christian wins. They have been in the playoffs 8 of 9 years so it would be hard to find someone that doesn't think Jeremy should be under center.

"Early on there was a little frustration because Jeremy was the quarterback. It was a coaching staff decision," says Coach Chupp. "Whether one or two people doubted it, that's fine, but I didn't hear them. Everyone has been loyal and supportive. I turned to Jim Lofton, one of the winningest coaches in Georgia history. He gave me advice in the early days."

As for college ball, the brothers would love to play for a college team, but they know the right offer might not be made to them. They've been contacted by 1-AA, Division 2, and Division 3 schools; but the pair is focusing first on Fridays game.

"They would love to play on Saturdays," Coach Chupp said, referring to the game day of most college football teams. "I hope (their football playing) won't end this year, but if it does, I've got videos of passes and catches, and memories in my head that will last a lifetime."

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