Dooly County prepares for Metter and the Dome

On October 5 of this year, Dooly County was 0-5, and playoff hopes were dim. Somewhere between the first and fifth string quarterbacks, the Bobcats have reeled off a six-game win streak.

Now Dooly County finds itself two wins away from a state title. Dooly will take on Metter Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. in the Class A Semifinals at the Georgia Dome. The quarterback thing is no joke either. Coach Bill Clark saw his starter go out before the season, his second-stringer went out after the third game, and now he's rotating between his fourth and fifth string quarterbacks. One of them is also his linebacker. Georgia Varsity Sports Vent Contributor Lee Gordon caught up with Clark, whose coaching duties come with "can-do" as part of the job description.

Q: What should we look for Friday against Metter?

Clark: (Metter) spread(s) it out. They have a great quarterback with a cannon for an arm. They really look like us when it comes to an offensive scheme.

Q: How did you take an 0-5 team into the state semifinals?

Clark: Even when we were 0-5, we still thought we had a good team. If you look at our first five games, we played some tough teams like Pelham and Thomasville. But really, the only game we were out of was the Thomasville game. We thought we were good because we played class AA for two years, but we didn't know how good we'd be until the Class A schedule kicked in, and that's when we went on the win streak. Our kids just bought into the program.

Q: How have you been able to work with not one, but 5 different quarterbacks?

Clark: Right now, Chad Bryant is taking most of the snaps. We had our third string quarterback in during the fourth game of the season because we had already lost our first two guys. It took me about three weeks to get the QB's caught up to the speed offensively.

Q: You're playing in the Georgia Dome, the same field as the Atlanta Falcons. How do you make sure the kids stay focused?

Clark: I told the kids this game is not any bigger than last week's game. I said to the team, "Do you want to go up there and get beat or do you want to go to the Dome and beat Metter?" Obviously, they want to beat Metter. I told them, "When you get there, you have five minutes to soak it all in and walk around the field, and then it's time to focus on the game."

It's not just us though, even the Parkviews of the world have this problem. They, too, have kids who have never been to the dome, and they're pretty excited as well.

Q: How do you, as a coach, stay calm this week and make sure the kids follow suit?

Clark: You have to stay calm; I'm a very emotional guy. I get fired up during the game, but I need my kids to be focused and calm this week so I have to watch out for that. I have to stay calm, but it's tough this week. The community is behind us right now, which is good. When we were 0-5, they were wondering what kind of team we were, but they are behind us now.

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