LHS point guard draws coach's praise

LOGANVILLE -- A quick look at the stat sheet after the first four games for the Loganville High School Lady Devils basketball team reveals a telling number. In the first column where total minutes played are listed, one player has been on the court 113 minutes, two complete quarters more than the player with the second highest total.

For Loganville High School senior Lauren Johnson, it's just part of the job. The Lady Devils' point guard draws praise from her coach for her attitude, work ethic and all-out determination in whatever task she undertakes.

"In whatever Lauren does -- from softball to basketball to studying to helping the community -- she is going to do it to the fullest," said Bill Bradley, who has coached Johnson in both softball and basketball the past four years. "She is a great person to be around. As she goes, so does our basketball team."

Johnson was thrown into the fire her sophomore season when starting point guard Jessica Burdine was injured. She has been going strong ever since.

"Lauren didn't get an easy transition into varsity play, that's for sure," Bradley said. "However, I have never had to question her effort or attitude. She is the perfect kid. She is a straight 'A' student who cares as much about her grades and family as basketball. It's hard to find a person like her."

This story originally appeared in the Walton Tribune.

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