David vs Goliath: East Coweta takes on Parkview

Does an 8-5 team have any business being in the state semifinals? You bet they do! East Coweta started the season 0-3. Since then the team has gone 8-2, including a very impressive 42-21 win against Warner Robins Nov. 29 and a victory at Harrison last weekend. <P>But everything comes full circle.

In week one, the Indians were shutout at Parkview 21-0. For East Coweta to see the title game, they'll need revenge against Parkview, a team that is going for its 44th straight victory, and a Georgia High School record.

"We worked awful hard," said East Coweta Head Coach Danny Cronic.

"Lady Lucky has her way sometimes, and I hope she'll be brushing her teeth real well."

Despite the personal hygene side of things, East Coweta is no pushover. Here's a team that went undefeated three of the last four seasons.

"When you go undefeated, sometimes you try not to lose," Cronic said. "It's hard to maintain that mental frame and find a mental edge. You try to protect a mythical idea. I just want my kids to let it all hang out.

"To beat Parkview, that would be great." he added. "They are an amazing team. They are on the money so many times. My hat's off to their players and the coaching staff."

Not only do the Indians have to deal with the best football team in the south, but they also have to deal with the prospects of playing in the Dome. Most teams would be awestruck at playing on a pro field, but East Coweta is used to the turf, and Cronic doesn't expect that to be a problem this weekend.

"We've been to the semis four times, but this is the first time we've played in the Dome in the semis," Cronic said.

"We play in a Dome classic every fall, so it prepares the kids for what the Dome feels like. We need to be on top of our game. The community is excited, and I don't want my boys to get too excited about playing in the dome."

Cronic has dusted off the film of his Week-1 loss to Parkview. It's not a game he wishes to relive, but to get a perspective of how good they really are, it's something he has to do.

"I'm still watching that game," he said. "They are very good. We had opportunites in that game (Week 1), but they just have so much depth. We need to win. We compete with ourselves and to pursue excellence. We need to push on a little higher."

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