Undefeated Buford gets the game of a lifetime

When Buford switched from A to AA this off-season, the Wolves figured they'd eventually have to play Americus.

If they were lucky, another team would knock them out of the playoffs; however, the Wolves weren't that lucky.

This weekend, undefeated Buford will clash with undefeated Americus for a shot at the AA state title game.

Buford is no stranger to the Georgia Dome. Afterall, the team won the Class A title last season.

Americus also arrives at the Dome with titles -- in their case, back-to-back Class AA Championships. This year, they appear to be a team that's not ready to lose anytime soon.

Georgia Varsity Sports Vent correspondent Lee Gordon caught up with Buford Head Coach Dexter Wood as Wood talks about the Americus game and the FSU/Georgia Sugar Bowl.

Q: What do you like the most about your team?

Wood: We have a very similar program to Americus here at Buford. They are a great program and so are we. We moved from A to 2A. We weren't sure how that was going to work because we lost so many seniors from last season, but tradition and hard work have kept us going, and the players have stepped up.

Q: Is this one of your favorite seasons in your eight years at Buford?

Wood: Definitely. We are a Cinderella team; no one thought we could go 13-0 with all the kids we lost. It's more gratifyng this season and it's more fun. There's no pressure on us at all, and the kids have improved from week to week.

Q: How good is Americus?

Wood: They'll be ready to play us for sure this weekend. The environment (Georgia Dome) is a non-factor in this game. We're playing one of the best teams in the state of Georgia. They could play with anyone in the state, even Parkview. This is by far the toughest game in the eight years that I've been at Buford. Hopefully we'll catch them on a bad day.

Q: You have two guys who have committed to Georgia. Talk about what they mean to your team.

Wood: Trey Chandler and Mickey Henderson have committed to Georgia. We're only 40 miles from Athens and Mark Richt has done a great job with that team. For our kids, it's a dream come true to play for UGA.

Q: Is there a split decision about the FSU/Georgia Sugar Bowl?

Wood: Most of our kids cheer for Georgia because they always have and always will. But I'm split because I like Georgia, but remember, I have two kids who play at Florida State. P.K. Sam and Lorne Sam played for me, and I have a very good relationship with Bobby Bowden and Mark Richt.

Q: YOur defense has pitched four shutouts. Is that a staple of this program?

Wood: We have a good defensive philosophy. Our region has been down this season, but we always put our best players on defense. We lost most of our defense from last year, but the four shutouts are more a product of a weak region than anything else.

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