Where to Begin?

I could not imagine where one would even begin to start when starting a new high school program in Georgia. I know that getting the right coach would be crucial to lay a foundation for not only now,but for the future. I took a couple of things under consideration when making my choice of a head man, the candidate might not be the most obvious choice for most...

My coach would be somebody that has won at his current school and has shown he can win at times when he faces a better team. Nothing impresses me more than to leave a game when I have seen that one team has clearly out-coached the more athletic or simply better team on the other sideline.

I need a coach that can handle himself on and off the field. Just as crucial as on-field success would be the community support and for him to be the rallying point of the new school. He does not have to have a trophy room full of state championships or a hand full of rings...yet.

Notice the word yet. I want him to have that fire in his belly and desire everyday to get his first one. I know every championship is special, but there is nothing like getting that first ring as a head coach. You can't put a dollar sign on what that is worth and what it feels like to a community to be crowned State Champs.

So as you can see that eliminates coaches like Jeff Herron, Larry Campbell and others from consideration. Now dont get me wrong, those guys are "ELITE" coaches, but I am going to go with somebody I have watched win and win a lot in the last eight years at his current school. With all things considered, my choice is ...

Calhoun High School's Hal Lamb. Calhoun has been to the state championship two times in the last four years and lost both times. I know he and the Calhoun community do not see this as a positive, but for my school I would. For Lamb, who won a state title as a player in '81, the fire must burn even hotter each moment he thinks about how close they have been recently.

I watched Calhoun this year and they started out with a couple of early losses. One good mark of good coach and surrounding staff is for the team to continue to get better as the season went on. I watched them play in Week 10 against a tough Pepperell team and then watched them in the Dome in Week 15 and they were a much better team.

I also like the fact that Coach Lamb runs a total program and supports all teams under his watch. I asked a couple people this week what Coach Lamb is like off the field and I got nothing but good remarks in return. It would be a tough situation in any region in Georgia to start a new school, but give me Hal Lamb and give me three years we would be a force!

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