South Georgia Lineman Has A Nasty Streak

It is not easy to watch a film of a offensive lineman and say this guy is going to be great.

From the moment I first got to watch film on Perry, Georgia offensive lineman Johnnie Farms, I knew this kid was a star in the making.

I have got to see over 400 kids at combines and countless films from all over, but to me what Farms brings to the table is what the college coaches love.

He is flat out nasty and can finish a block as good as anybody I have watched in 2009 class. I can not remember watching a tape with some many "pancake" blocks on linebackers. Great 2nd level blocker and can get on the edge to help a running back even at 300+ pounds.

Tell me what this was like this week going against the best from Georgia?

Johnnie Farms-" Ah man, it was fun. We just got together from the North and South and had a great time. We are big rivals and we told them South would do our thing. Jonathan Davis likes to talk alot, so me and Greg Reid had to make sure he didnt get the last laugh. Greg Reid is a animal man."

You and Greg Reid hung out all week?

Farms- " Yea, me and GR are tight. You saw what he can do today. I wish him luck at Florida."

You recently made a decision to commit to North Carolina. What was moment you knew it was the place for you?

Farms- " Have you been you to UNC? ( Yes I have)It is so lovely up there, the whole place is beautiful.Stadium is awesome and fans are unreal. Butch Davis is about to do what he did at Miami and we are about to roll!"

Here is your one chance to speak to the Tarheel nation.

Farms-" Let them know I am coming and big things are coming with me. GO TARHEELS!"

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