Georgia Lineman Enjoys All Star Game

At 6'6" and 270lbs North Carolina State commit Duran Christophe more than held his own in the North South All Star Classic in Columbus, Georgia

The term "Raw" is used alot in this business. Some people look at that as a negative. I use it as a positive meaning the prospect will get better and alot better in the future.

Christophe is a very lean 270 lbs and can easily hold 40-50 more pounds and still be very mobile on the next level.

The game I went to watch him this year, he played TE and OT to show you how much of a athletic lineman he is.

On Monday in the annual North South Classic, he faced multiple players that were big as him and probably stronger than him, but he used his great feet and very good pad level to off set those things. His pad level was much better this time than when I saw him 8 weeks ago.

What was it like playing against the "best"?

Duran Christophe-" It was fun playing the best, Greg Reid and all the athlete's. I was just in the game watching other people play. You always read about them and hear about them and now you are on the field with them. It was fun you know."

Woodstock had a dream season and almost beat eventual champion Camden County in the quarterfinals. Have you had time to reflect on your senior season?

Christophe- " It was amazing, we had guys from Norcross and Walton on our team so I was talking trash. Camden County was a great game and tough loss all in one."

You recently chose North Carolina State as your school. What was the deciding factor?

Christophe-" The campus and the coaches. They have one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation. My recruiting coach was awesome as well. My Mom really loved him and she is still talking about him.

When will you report to campus?

Christophe- " I wanted to go early in summer, but we will still be in school, so I am going up there in July.

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