Georgia Stars Do Battle

Getting to watch the best get together for the annual North South Classic is a benefit of this job.

In a state known for producing elite football players,Georgia's 2008 North South game did not disappoint.

This was the first North South game I have seen in person in a few years but it didnt take long to understand the speed and intensity of this game is still the same. I got to Columbus Memorial stadium almost two hours early I was so excited.

I was able to speak with some coaches that were on both staffs and all wished they could have teams and players like this. My only complaint is that this game is not on tv at least state wide. Everybody that follows high school or college football knows what type of kids that are going to be on display in a Georgia all star game.

In a game won by the South all stars it was Florida commit Greg Reid's two punt returns for touchdowns that were the difference. The South won the game 17-0. It was a very physical game and here were some of the stand outs for the South team.

Greg Reid- Many people think he is the best player in Georgia and today he looked like it. With a Reggie Bush like punt return and a wicked hit on the sidelines on a pass play, he made sure all there knew who he was.

Johnnie Farms- North Carolina commit that is flat out "nasty" from his offensive line position. I have told many people that he is very underrated and will be a star on the next level. Great kid off the field as well.

John Drew- Duke commit that was in the back field all day long. Very thick kid that will be a great DT on the next level.

Rashad Smith- North Carolina State commit that has done nothing but make plays the last two years for Dublin high school. I spoke with the coaches about him and they said he had a great week of practice as well.

Tay Irvin- Central Florida commit that is a run stopper and a big body from the nose guard position. I really like how this big man played hard the entire four quarters.

Ray Beno- Georgia Tech commit that has nasty streak as well. Loved his feet and how he finished blocks. I watched him get flat out whipped only to come back the next play and pancake the defender. That shows desire and those type of things dont have a ranking for, but the college coaches notice it real quick.

The North team ran mostly option so the secondary guys didnt get a chance to shine as much as the front seven did. Greg Reid left no doubt who was the MVP for the south with those two punt returns.

Chase Vasser came into this game kind of under the radar. His team never really helped him get on the national radar, but today he showed he can play with anybody. Vasser who had over ten tackles and bone rattling hit on fellow UGA commit Washaun Ealey won the MVP honors for the North.

The thing I like about Vasser was how well he played in space and was able to close really quickly on the ball carriers. I have thought he may struggle on the next level with making plays in space, but today he showed me that will not be a problem. Some other players that stood out for the North were...

Jonathan Davis- South Carolina commit was as usual all over the place. You can not help but to like this kid and what he does on the field. Today he had to work a little harder with the size of the South offensive line, but he still was a force to be reckoned with. I spoke to one coach who was working with the North squad and he said " just a football player and I would take a team like him anyday."

Daniel Drummond- Georgia Tech commit who is a back physical bruising back. Drummond who will play the B back in the Tech offense is always getting positive yardage. He also led his Flowery Branch team to the state championship game this year.

Dallas Lee- Georgia commit who is being recruited as offensive lineman, but has for the second time this year in person impressed me as a defensive lineman. He has a very quick first step and gets up field in a hurry. He has a great intial punch with hands also.

Derrick Lott- Georgia commit who is a monster. I can't be more impressed with big man that had a 110 tackles as a Senior from his DT position. That is unheard of in this day and age of spread offense.

Duran Christophe- North Carolina State commit who is a very raw player but you can tell he also has that heart tangible that can not be rated. He is a legit 6'6" and looks to be about 260lbs. Give him two years on a training table and he will be 6'7" 300lbs. I really like his upside and his best football is ahead of him.

There were some many "GREAT" players there, I could not watch all of them. These guys mentioned above were the ones I saw make multiple plays

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