Why Not Getz?

"Who has offered Cody Getz?" I hear this question often.

He is AA State Player of Year. He ran for over 230+ yards in the State Championship game. Getz had over 27 touchdowns for the season. Remember he shared the backfield with 2010 running back Storm Johnson also. You would think the coaches would be knocking down the door at his school.

His field vision is some of the best I have seen. I remember getting a call from a co-worker out in Dallas. " Who the heck is #27 from Buford?". If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that this year, I would have that new 73" plasma I want. He may not be the player to tote the rock Twenty times a game, but If he can touch it Five times a game, he will make you a better team.

I was at a game earlier in the year, scouting a prospect, also in attendance was a coach from a SEC school. We talked for a minute and conversation led to Buford and all the prospects they have. " I tell you what, they have some good looking kids up there, but Cody Getz is the one I love." This was a exact quote from him.

Now my question is where is the offers? I can not help but think of a player from a few years back at South Carolina in Ryan Brewer when seeing Getz play. Brewer, who was Mr. Ohio in football, didnt get the offer he coveted so badly from the home state Buckeyes. South Carolina took the chance on a "undersized" player and he did not disappoint.

In fact he lit the home state Buckeyes up in the Outback Bowl later in his career. John Cooper admitted after that game, he made a mistake in not offering Brewer.

Cody, how was the experience of playing in the North South game this week?

Cody Getz-"It was really great experience for me. The game was great, but meeting and playing with all the guys from all over state was best for me.Guys you hated and rooted for to get beat each week were suddenly on my team. It showed me what to expect on the next level also."

What was it like playing for Buford and knowing each week you had a bullseye on your chest?

Getz-" We loved it. It helped us prepare each week and made us better team in the long run."

What schools have offered you and what schools are you hearing from?

Getz-"I have offers from Air Force and Georgia Southern. I am also taking a official visit to Georgia on January 23rd weekend.I expect to hear from a few more schools once the dead period is over with."

What would tell a coach they are getting in Cody Getz?

Getz-" I would tell them they are getting a football player that will do what it takes to contribute and win. Never mind the size or measureables, they are getting someone that knows how to win.I will do whatever I am ask to make the team better."

I wonder if this young man will end up at Air Force or some place else and make the home state Bulldogs and Jacket wish they could have a do over. I do not know where he ends up, but he will not be one of those young man you never hear from again. He will continue to make the highlight plays on the next level.

So I say again to all the coaches that will read this "Why Not Getz"

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