Aside from seeing some of the best games in the state this year I got a chance to see some of the Peach state's elite players as well. Here is my take on a few of them.

In the past few days the whole nation witnessed what many of us in the business already knew. Georgia has some pretty good football players and they can play with anybody in the country.

It seems that every all star game I turned on it was another one of the Georgia kids shining or getting a MVP award.

Here is my list of top players I have seen this year.

1) Greg Reid- I just can not get over the ball skills and ability to break tackles this young man gives you. He has the "it" factor and ESPN did nothing but confirm that for you last night. He followed up a MVP in the North South game last Monday, with a MVP in the Under Armour Game on Sunday. Not too bad for one week.

2) Alec Ogletree- I had the same feeling I had watching Reggie Brown in high school back in 1997. I knew I was watching a future NFL player. He covers a lot of space from his safety position,but what he does when he gets there is what makes him special. Head Hunter is best way I can describe it.

3) Branden Smith- After meeting him last year in the Georgia Dome at a Scout.Com combine, I knew he was elite. I have seen quite of bit on film on him and in person one time. All the pub is on his cover skills, but he is just as much as a threat with the ball in his hands.

4) Jonathan Davis- I really wished I knew how many times I have had a conversation about this young man over the last 6 months. Every time I turned around it seemed everyone wanted to know what I thought about him. He is a player and I dont care what size he is. Ask Marist if they think size matters.

5) Jay Stansbury- Got a chance to see him live vs. ECI. He moved from TE to OT that week due to a injury to a teammate. He went head to head with JC Lanier and more then held his own. What I liked the most about him was that he never left the field and played hurt for most of the night.

6) Juwan James- This massive OT made a name for himself going against two national recruits from Brynes, SC and winning alot of those match ups that night. He will be a major Division one recruit next year for North Gwinnett.

7) Brandon Whitaker- This small RB from Pepperell torched Calhoun for 260 yards rushing on the night I saw him play. He is one of those that is not flashy, but he keeps making play after play.

Dont get me wrong about this list, I could easily make a top 50 from the kids I saw this year. These are the ones that left me after the game saying " WOW".

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