Chris Burnette Speaks Army All American Game

Every once in a while all the stars line up and things are just perfect it seems. That is not often, but when it does you know something is special.

This must be the way the college coaches felt when coming to visit 2009 OL Chris Burnette from Troup County Georgia.

Not only is he a highly rated prospect on the field ,he can more than hold his own in the classroom. In fact he has a chance to be Number 1 in his class this spring when graduation comes along. " I think it is going to happen."

Burnette who just returned from San Antonio and the Army All American game took some time to for an exclusive interview with Scout.Com.

What was the experience like out there?

Chris Burnette-" It was fun to be able to play in front of that many people and meet some many guys from different places."

Did you spend alot of time with Aaron Murray and Austin Long?

Burnette- " Me, Aaron, Orson Charles, Austin and Jarvis Jones hung out all week long. We tried to work on them as much as we could within reason. We really clicked out there and it showed us what it could be like with all of us together in a few short months if it works out that way."

Who was the one guy out there who made you up your game?

Burnette- "Will Campbell was a very versatile guy. He played offense and defense out there. I knew each time I went up against him I better strap it up. He was a clown off the field, but he was all business on the field. I got to know him real well and I am glad he was on our team."

Do you have a new found respect for the Army after this trip?

Burnette- " I have always looked up to those people. They have a special place in my heart, because my Dad was in the Army for 11 years."

What is UGA getting in Chris Burnette?

Burnette-" I may not be the most physically gifted player or the strongest, but I will never give up. I will work hard every day to make sure I am making myself and the team better."

Here is your chance to talk the Bulldawg nation. What do you want to tell them?

Burnette-" I would tell them I hope they are ready for a couple of National Championships. I mean they are some really good players at school now and this recruiting class we having coming in is awesome."

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