08 Year in Review and Teams To Watch in 09

2008 High School Football Season came to end on the carpet of the Georgia Dome over a month ago, but it is not to early to look to 09 and a look back at 2008.

The time on the clock had ran out at the Georgia dome and on Peachtree Ridge thus ending the 2008 season late on Saturday night December 13th. Another season of dreams coming true and some that did not. In state of Georgia seasons are measured on rings and not just getting to the playoffs for the majority of teams.

I hit the road the following Tuesday going to places such as Newnan, North Cobb, Carrollton and East Paulding. It was the same no matter which school I went to and that was the sound of weights banging and kids moving them.

I heard a coach in one weight room while visiting his school say " I bet Camden County is lifting today." He was exactly right meaning that you can not afford to take a day off and even though Camden was the new kings in 5A he was betting they were lifting three days after being crowned the Champs. My bet is he was right as well.

Wesleyan, Buford,Cairo, Tucker and Camden County all will have new bling to sport in a few weeks. A lifetime full of memories for them and their fans is something to treasure. I am not sure they even all understand it yet, but in a few years they will. I got lucky enough to win one my senior year and I could not imagine what kind of feeling it would have been had we lost that night.

Looking ahead to 2009 a few teams have caught my attention and I think they can maybe have that dream season.

5A- Grayson is a team that I think can make it to the dome. I spent some time with some coaches last summer on the Scout.Com combine circuit and they told me all summer " we just hope to win 5 games." I fell for it then, but not this summer so Coach Jones dont even try it.

5A-North Gwinnett is a team loaded with young talented lineman on both sides of the ball. It does not hurt to have the best OT in state in JuWuan James as a anchor on the blind side of a new quarterback.

3A-Carrollton is a powerhouse that has been down a few years(according to their standards) but after two trips to that school in the last two months and seeing what they have coming up those days are over. A Freshman and Sophomore class that has maybe 6-7 Div 1 type kids will do alot for that school to get them back to where they belong. Coach Teague is one of the best in the business. He has a certain twinkle in his eye talking about his team next year.

2A-Fitzgerald is a team that ran into a buzzsaw in Buford, but so did 15 other teams. Coach Pruitt always puts out a good product, but something tells me they are about to turn the corner and 09 could be it.

2A-Calhoun must be happy with having to choose among two great quarterbacks in Nash Nance and Michael Johnson this spring.Some people would not see it that way, but I would rather chose among two great ones than two bad ones. Who ever wins that job will have the benefit of 2010 elite WR Da' Rick Rogers.

A couple of teams that I would like to mention as well is Valdosta, Rome and Brooks County that could very easily make some noise late in the year.

I am old school type so I say the defending champions are the teams to beat until somebody beats them. The teams above may just be the ones.

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