Camden County Champs Again

Coach Jeff Herron took time to reflect back on this year and speaks about the fans.

It took all of about ten minutes for me to realize how serious football is taken at Camden County. It took ten minutes for its 130+ plus players to take the field one by one at Newnan High School last month.

You hear all the stories of how serious football is taken in South Georgia and I knew what to expect seeing Camden in person, but to see that many kids on one team is unbelievable.

Coach Herron took time to reflect back on this year and speak about the fans.

What made this team different from Championship teams in the past?

Coach Herron- "I think the ability to come back and win games made this team different than the past teams I had. We had to come back in 3 of 4 playoff games from behind late in the 2nd half. I think that is really what stands out to me about this team."

Was there a point in the season or last summer where you thought we have something special with this team?

Herron-" We felt like we were very close last year and had a lot of juniors coming back.Coming out of that loss to Lowndes in the semi's we certainly felt like we had great opportunity in 2008. But then things started happening like losing two starting linebackers and a starting guard for the year and I felt like we may be in trouble and need to somehow stay healthy. We felt like we needed a good draw in the brackets and that didn't work out for us either. We just took it one game at time."

Coach can you talk your fans and the passion those people have for your team?

Herron-" You know Rusty, they really love football here and that is nothing that I have done. They loved it before I got here and that is one of the things that attracted me to this place. They certainly have a passion for it. Our fans travel well and support these kids every year. That is a huge part of our success.It inspires our kids to see that fan base in the stands."

If you didnt have a target on your back this year, you do now as defending champs. Are you using that in the offseason to keep the kids hungry?

Herron- "When we won it in 2003, I didn't think we handle it real well in the offseason the next year. You could tell for some reason the next season we didn't have the passion we had the year before. We lost to a hungry Lowndes team in the dome and we clearly weren't hungry. So when the kids came back from Christmas, I told them I looked all over trophy and nowhere does it say 2009 on it. This team has got to go out and make your own history."

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