Dooly goes for it all against Clinch County

If Dooly County wins a state title on Friday, Bill Clark will look more like Clark Kent. In what could be one of the single greatest coaching jobs of the entire season, the Bobcats, who by the way started off 0-5 and 1-6, are just one game away from the ultimate feat, a Class A title.

This is not your normal football team. In Georgia, we are used to the Parkviews and Valdostas of the world, teams that run over people like a freight train.

In Dooly County, eight wins is an average season, but this is anything but an average season.

"The state title would be one heck of a Christmas present," says Dooly County Head Coach Bill Clark.

"What a way to wake up on Saturday morning. We have to go down and play. We can't treat this any different than any other game. We can't outcoach ourselves."

It still boggles the mind that Dooly County is still around. To make this game a bit sweeter is the rivalry they have with Clinch County. These teams have played the last 5 years, 3 in the playoffs and 2 in the regular season. They split the regular season games while Dooly is 2-1 in the post season.

"We're very excited to play Clinch", says Clark. "I just told the team, do you know what Friday is? They, of course, said, 'It's the state championship coach.'

"told them, 'No, it's the last game of the year.' That's what they are focused on."

What gets lost in the shuffle is the team they are foucsed on is another undefeated team. Clinch County is as good a Class A team as there is in the state and don't think Coach Clark doesn't know.

"They are dangerous," Clark said. "Speed kills. They run a Pro I formation. They run the option and isolations. They lull you to sleep with the option and then hit you with their two good receivers."

Coach Clark has been talking to the kids individually, trying to get a feel for what they are going through this week. The kids are excited and like all good coaches, he can sense their anxiety. Playing on the road will do that to a team.

The Bobcats started the season off with a home game against Crisp Coounty, and then played a gruelling seven straight on the road.

"I'd like to have it at home", says Clark. "We have an advantage against Clinch here in Vienna, but we've been on the road all season, so why stop now? It's just poetic justice, I think."

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