One on One With Nash Nance

Find Out when 2010 QB Nash Nance plans to commit and what heisman candidate he will be throwing with this weekend.

Scout.Com Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons was the first one to report on 2010 QB Nash Nance last summer after a successful 7 on 7 tourney in Athens.

It has been a wide open and fast paced few months for him since then. He found himself the topic on many message boards and recruiting sites as a top notch quarterback.

He spent his junior season at Darlington, a private school in Rome, Georgia. Now he finds himself at the school he attended as a youth. It is also the school his parents and Grandparents graduated from Calhoun.

What has it been like going back to the school you attended as a youth?

Nash Nance-" At first I was a little nervous for the first few days, but after that things got to normal.It really wasn't that big of a change and I thought it was going to be.I always stayed in touch with some of those guys and once Darick Rogers moved back, I got more in touch with other people from Calhoun. Everybody has been really good to me and we all get along very well.I thought it may be weird with all the quarterbacks in our group, but it has been really cool and we are all good friends."

What was it like last summer to burst on to the scene and become a hot topic on recruiting sites almost over night?

Nance-" At first it caught me by surprise, but after a few interviews I kind of got use to it. I try not to think about those types of things. My Dad made me sit down and read one article one time and I havent read any since. Those things are nice and I am thankful to be considered a prospect, but I just wanted to concentrate on my football team."

You were selected to attend the Army All American junior combine in San Antonio. What was that like?

Nance- " I had a great time and experience. It was amazing how big the lineman were there. In my group I had guys 6'6" and 6'8". I also met Markeith Ambles while there and we have talked alot since that trip. In fact he is going to come up some in the spring and throw with me and Darick."

You mention Darick Rogers name quite a bit. Are you good friends?

Nance- " Oh yes sir Darick is like my brother. He stays at my house sometimes and we are just really good friends. We met at Darlington and really hit it off from the start."

What are some of the schools you visited this past year and what schools really stood out to you?

Nance-" We went to Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Harvard( who has offered)and Duke. Florida is a place that was just nuts and very loud. I went to the LSU game there and it was the loudest by far I have seen. I really like Vanderbilt as well. I like they way they run their offense with a good balance of run and pass."

So you are throwing alot in the offseason?

Nance-" Yes sir, I have been playing basketball, but on Sundays I am doing some extra drills and throwing. This weekend I am going down to Atlanta to workout with some college quarterbacks that are preparing for the draft. Graham Harrell and a few others."

Do you have a timetable to when you would like to decide?

Nance-" I would like to commit before the season starts and enroll early next year to get a head start on my career."

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