2010 Elite QB Talks Senior Year

2010 Quarterback Jonathan Watters is ready for his senior year. After making it to the elite 8 two years in a row, he hopes to lead his team to the Georgia Dome in his last chance.

I have had the opportunity to study many prospects over the last 8 months, but the one I have watched the most has been Jonathan Watters. I have seen him play in over ten games and watched practice several times over the last 2 years.

I have watched him grow from a skinny kid with a big arm to a elite quarterback prospect right in front on my own eyes in that time frame.

Leading his Pepperell team to the Class AA elite eight two years in row is saying something about his leadership and ability to win games.

You are a senior now and it is your team. Have you started to prepare for you senior season yet?

Jonathan Watters-" Yes we have been lifting in the mornings and we seniors are starting to come together to lead."

What schools have you been hearing the most from?

Watters-" Alabama sends me the most stuff. Oregon and Tennessee also have been sending quite a bit as well. I have been invited to Alabama and Florida State junior day coming up. I am pretty sure that Georgia will invite me as well."

What were you stats this year?

Watters- " I passed for over 1,100 yards even though we didnt throw much. Our tailback Brandon Whitaker rushed for over 2,300 yards so we didn't need to pass much."

What are some of the things do you want to improve on this upcoming year?

Watters-"I talked to my coach and I am not playing baseball this year. I am going to spend extra time in the spring watching all the game films and see how teams defended us. I want to be able to check out of any situation. I also want to work on my footwork and speed."

With 2009 Running back Brandon Whitaker gone I look for Pepperell to really open up their offense with weapons such as Marcus Jackson and Drew Pearson to allow Watters to produce big numbers.

Jonathan has been chosen as one of the top 100 juniors to attend the Kennedy/CES combine later this month.

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