2010 Athlete Ready To Step Up

Find out what Schools Eagle Landing Junior Dylan Shaddix has visited and what Coach recently called him.

To be able to play multiple positions in high school does nothing but help you to show how versatile you can be on next level.

Eagles Landing 2010 Athlete Dylan Shaddix has the ability to play Quarterback, Fullback, Linebacker or Punter.

In fact it may be punting that could be his ticket to the next level.

Coming off this last season he punted the ball 46 times for a avg of over 44 yds.

What schools have you been to?

Dylan Shaddix-" I went Georgia Tech several times, Alabama and Tennessee."

What schools are you hearing the most from?

Shaddix-" Florida, LSU, Alabama and Georgia Tech send me the most stuff. I talked to LSU special teams coach about punting there."

Does it matter what position you play on next level?

Shaddix-" No Sir it does not matter to me at all. I just want to play."

What would you say a school is getting in Dylan Shaddix?

Shaddix-" A player that plays the game fast with high intensity."

After seeing his tape I agree with the intensity part. This young man will strike you on the football field.

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