One On One With Mike Tamburo

It has been over two months now since his career at North Gwinnett has been over. Mike took time to speak about his career and the best player he ever played against...

Easily one of my favorite players to watch over the last two years was North Gwinnett quarterback Mike Tamburo. It seemed that he made every play a highlight reel.

He will play quarterback on the next level at Boise St. A team that is quickly becoming a powerhouse on the west coast.

What was it about Boise State that made you pick them?

Mike Tamburo-" I mean the offense was one, but the coaching staff and whole atmosphere was just as important to me. I felt like I fit in really good there. It was a football town and I loved that also."

Have you had time to reflect back on your career at North Gwinnett?

Tamburo-" Oh yea, I think about it alot. I moved to North Gwinnett to get a opportunity like this. It was everything I could have hope for and more. I owe the coaches alot at North Gwinnett."

What about the experience of playing in a state championship game in Georgia as a junior?

Tamburo- " When it is happening you dont realize how big of deal it is to play in a 5A state championship in Georgia. We didn't win, but getting to that game was great for me and my team. My favorite game was the semi final game versus Walton. We beat them pretty bad that night and our team played a perfect game. We played in alot of big games over my career playing Byrnes, SC and Lowndes among others."

Who was the one player you played against in your career that you had to know where he was on every play?

Tamburo-" Greg Reid! I mean you saw him in North South game and the Under Armour game. Guy is a player."

What would you tell the fans of North Gwinnett that have followed you for the last three years?

Tamburo-" I appreciate everything they have done for me. Our fans have been great all three years I started. Our whole town has been great to our football team and to me personally. I hope they continue the success we had here."

What would tell the fans of Boise State that you are bringing to the table out there?

Tamburo-" I am going to bring a little something different to the quarterback position than what they have now. I just really hope to help the team win in anyway I can."

After seeing Mike play in person many times, I know that Boise is getting a winner on the field and off.

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