2010 TE Brian Vogler Ready For Big Year

Scout.Com recently caught up with Brian Vogler. Hear what two head coaches stopped by his school this week...

I had a parent of recruit recently asked me about his son playing tight end and if that was a weakness these days with all the spread offense that is ran around the country. I asked the parent if he watched pro football on Sundays and he replied " yes I do". I told him to name me a NFL team without at least 2-3 tight ends on there roster. He couldn't and then realized that the tight end is still a very valuable position.

Not only is the tight end position a vital one especially when trying to run the ball on the edge, it is also vital to a red zone offense when coverage is often man to man. This position is often required to make the catch over the middle to move the chains on a pivotal 3rd down.

At 6ft7 and 245 lbs Brian Vogler is a defensive coordinators worst nightmare. He is not a good match up on any part of the field. He is athletic enough to even line up at the wide receiver position. I would love being a quarterback on the ten yard line throwing a fade route into the end zone to my 6'7" teammate matched up on a corner.

How was your junior season and what was some of your stats?

Brian Vogler- " We didn't lose a game until the 2nd round of the playoffs. I had 20 catches for over 450 yds."

Watching your tapes I was surprised to see how much you lined up at wide receiver. Are you comfortable being spread out at your size?

Vogler-" Oh yes sir I am. I feel comfortable lining up anywhere coach needs me to."

Going into your senior year and being a major college recruit are you starting to see guys looking to you as a leader? Are you feeling more pressure with that also?

Vogler-" I do feel more and more pressure coming on with recruiting and becoming a senior. I think our team will be fine as long as our guys continue to do what they are doing now. We have a chance to be really good next year."

What schools are offered you already?

Vogler-"Maryland, Kentucky, Auburn, Stanford and Duke."

Who has stopped by recently at your school?

Vogler-" Yesterday Coach Nick Saban stopped by and talked to my basketball coach and coach Friedgen from Maryland stopped by in the morning."

Do you have a timeline on when you would like to commit?

Vogler-" It depends on the situation and what I have all in front of me. I would like to commit before my senior year, but we just have to wait and see."

I know it is early in the process for you, but can you give me your top schools as of today?

Vogler-" They would be Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Maryland and Kentucky."

From a state that has produced Leonard Pope, Randy McMichael and Ben Troupe among others, this may very well be the next great tight end from the Peach state.

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