Getz Makes the Call

Cody Getz made his college decision just a few moments ago and he got with to announce that school.........

Cody Getz will be playing his first game next year in a brand new stadium at Minnesota. He will be on the sidelines for the Air Force Academy however.

Cody called me just a few minutes ago to break the news.

Cody Getz-"I just got off the phone with the coaches at Air Force. They were very excited when I told them the news.

What are you most excited about being on the field at Air Force?

Getz-" I am excited to be playing big time college football and the opportunity that the Air Force will give me for life after football. We will play Florida State two times, Wake Forest, Oklahoma and Minnesota among other big time teams while I am there."

It seems that offense suits your style just perfect.

Getz-" I agree, I love that each running back averages 18-20 carries a game. There are certain plays where it is me and the safety one on one for a touchdown. I like that opportunity."

Final Word on Getz- State of Georgia produces major talent every year and this year was no different. There is always that young man that escapes the local teams and goes on to star somewhere else and this year that young man could be Cody Getz. This young man is special with the ball in his hands. I can not imagine him with 18-20 carries a game after a year or two in the weight room.

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