Wesleyan Wolves New Kings In Single A

Facing a team that not many thought you could beat the Wesleyan Wolves used desire and film work to secure their first ever state championship in football.

Coach Franklin Pridgen took some time out to join GAVSV.com for a interview and talk about winning the 2008 state championship in the Georgia Dome.

Coach Pridgen have you had time to reflect back yet and actually think about what your team did?

Coach Pridgen " It is starting to sink in some. We certainly got a lot more attention and got people patting us on the back and that feels real good. Mostly I am eager for us to build on this. I hope this propels us to more success in the future."

Coach what can you do to keep the hunger there in the offseason?

Pridgen-" We are going to ramp up our intensity in our offseason workouts and ask more of them. We actually reorganized our coaching staff some and changed some responsibilities in our offseason workouts. We are going to work them harder than ever to make sure we don't rest on our laurels. That can be a demon to us if we let it. We are not talking about going back to back in 2009. The clear goal for our team is to be region champs again and then reset our goals when we get to that point. We fully understand anything can happen when you just get in the playoffs."

You had two early season losses to Darlington and Holy Innocents. Did you see any panic in your team?

Pridgen - " We never saw any panic in our players or coaches. Our fans may have at that point, but not the people in the program. That is a credit to our seniors. Going into the season we had to replace 9 starters on both sides of the ball and that is a ton. We knew it was going to take some time. Give Darlington and Holy Innocents some credit though they were really good teams. Once our kids matured after those losses we became a much better team. Once we got to Social Circle game on the road our kids were humming."

Playing ECI in the dome not many people gave your team a chance. What did you tell your kids and how did you prepare for them?

Pridgen " I told them that we were going to do some things to ECI that they had never seen before. During film study of their region and teams they played in the playoffs we knew we had some tools in our bag that could cause them some problems. We knew on the defensive line that we could do some things against their much bigger offensive lineman that would be to our advantage. We made sure that our kids understood these tools and things can be effective. Our kids bought into that thru film study and practice that week. I told them I wanted their best against any team not just ECI. Just before we went on the field in my pregame message I told them our best was good enough to win. I didn't expect us to get off to such a good start and score 33 points however. Our kids gave us their best. We went into the dome with a tremendous amount of peace in knowing we prepared the best we could. I know it was a shock to many people outside our program, but we felt like it was going to pay off for us and it did."

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