Valdosta State Lands a Quarterback

Going to " Titletown" you get a feeling of championships on every corner. Whether it is pee wee or college football the whole town expects to win. Chase Graham knows what is expected and he is glad he chose to play at Valdosta State.

After spending last summer on the Scout.Com circuit with Coach Tim Glanton of South Paulding, I know this man knows football. To be more specific he knows the offensive side of the ball. It is no surprise that his quarterback became a college prospect. Chase Graham will step into the next level with a more than enough knowledge to compete immediately.

I recently caught up with Chase and he talked about his decision he made last Monday night.

Chase what were your stats on the year?

Chase Graham - " I threw for over 600 yds and 9 touchdowns. I ran for 5 touchdowns and had over 300 rushing yards as well."

What was it about Valdosta State that made you decide it was the place for you?

Graham-"It is just a special place and I really like the coaching staff down there. It is a good opportunity for me as well."

Are you the only quarterback they are bringing in this class?

Graham -" No sir they are bringing in another quarterback with me."

What is it you bring to the table right now that you think is a positive in your game?

Graham-" I think my accuracy and leadership on the field are my best traits as a quarterback right now."

What do you need to work before you get to Valdosta State?

Graham -" I need to work on getting bigger."

What was it like playing a with a player like Ryan Ayers?

Graham-" Ryan is a special player. It was nice to have a player like him to throw the ball up and let him go get it."

What can you tell the people reading this to expect from you at Valdosta State?

Graham-" I would tell them I am hoping to win a championship on the next level. That is my goal."

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