2010 Speedster Visits Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech had some of the best in the Peach State on hand for 2009 Junior Day. Marcus Jackson was one of those and here is what he had to say....

Choosing a college is a decision that all the prospects will make sooner or later. Deciding what junior day to attend is a problem for some already. Marcus Jackson had to decide on which one to attend with multiple schools asking him to visit them. He chose to spend the day in Atlanta.

How did Junior day go for you at Georgia Tech?

Marcus Jackson- " It went real well and I had a great time. They fed us and showed us around the campus. Some of the players were there and we asked them a ton of questions.It was home like and overall a nice experience."

What coach is recruiting you for Tech?

Jackson- "Coach Brian Bohannon is recruiting me. They are recruiting as a "A" back. I like that because it will allow me to use my speed."

What are you most working on going into your senior season?

Jackson-" Just adding more weight and become even more of a leader.

Are you plan on attending any more junior days?

Jackson - " I had to chose between Georgia Tech and Florida State for today. I think I will attend Clemson very soon for their's."

Having made it to the elite 8 two years in row at Pepperell. What are you doing to help you team get to that final game?

Jackson- "We lost a lot of seniors so our junior class is starting to become more leaders in the weight room already. I am trying to be a example to the younger kids and hopefully they can step up and fill some voids for us."

What is a team getting in Marcus Jackson?

Jackson -" I bring leadership and a player that always hustle's and I want to get things done right the first time. Getting things done fast is important to me. I want to make sure my team always plays together. You will not win if you don't."

What is your top five schools as of today?

Jackson-" Georgia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Clemson."

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