The Calm Before The Storm

Just as signing day 2009 approaches two young men are about to see their lives change as they become the targets of many schools over the next 12 months. Mack Brown and Storm Johnson are two of the best running backs in the 2010 class.

For two young men whose career started out together in the pee wee leagues in Dekalb County Georgia, their names will be linked together again in the recruiting class of 2010.

Mack Brown-" We played a game against each other when we were 6 yrs old. He would score and then I would score. We won though( laughing)."

In the next 48 hours a few thousand kids across the nation will have the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders as they sign a letter of intent to many schools on many levels.

The next group of prospects will inherit the burden that comes with all the exposure.

This to many prospects is the last quiet 48 hrs they will have except for NCAA mandatory dead periods along the way.

Tonight I spoke with two of these that will see their lives change this week.


How has the last weeks been to you with all the attention you are now getting?

Brown-" It has been nice. I went to Florida this weekend for their Junior day. I see kids at school looking at me a different way also. Some of my teammates are starting to ask me about the recruiting process everyday. Some of them are upset they don't have offers yet, but I tell them they will get them soon enough because they are good players as well. I got offers from UGA, Oklahoma, Florida and some others. I am taking it one day at a time."

What are you looking for in a school?

Brown -" I am looking for coaching staff I am comfortable with and a offense I fit into. I want to play early as well."


What schools are you hearing from the most?

Storm Johnson-" I am hearing from LSU, Florida,Miami, Oklahoma,West Virginia, Maryland,Auburn, Tennessee, Central Florida, South Florida and few others."

What schools have offered you?

Johnson -"Auburn, Central Florida, South Florida, Tennessee and Stanford."

Has the recruiting process caught you off guard?

Johnson -" It really has, but I just take one day at a time.It has been fun to meet big time coaches and actually meet the people you see on TV calling plays at schools.It has been a treat to me. I think about the recruiting process alot and I think I am ready to handle it."

For Storm, Mack and many other young men across the nation this next 48 hours is the " Calm Before the Storm".

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