Next Level Stars

Every year there are kids that seem to out play their ranking on the next level. Here is some I fully expect to do that.

Sometimes you can have the best 40 time or bench 225 more times than most, but that does not mean you are still going to produce on that 4th down late in the game. That is where heart and desire to succeed takes over. No recruiting site in the country has scale for that.

When I request film on a young man 90% of time I request a film where the prospect's team did not win the game. I want to see what he is doing late in the 4th quarter when his team is down 14 points with 2 minutes to go.

Is he playing hard? Is he still hustling? Is he still blocking or chasing plays away from him?

This is where I like to get that heart and desire from.

These kids stood out to me this year and seemed to be flying "under the radar" a little.

Jemea Thomas - Seems to be a "tad" bit small for the safety position, but to watch his film you will see a ball hawking playmaker. He really delivers a punch when he tackles. Georgia Tech Bound

Johnnie Farms- Maybe my favorite recruit of the whole 2009 class. Kid plays nasty on EVERY play. I watched him on countless film and he looks to knock down people not just block them. Great drive and intial punch. North Carolina Bound

Toney Williams - Big time bruising back that always get postive yards. Really liked him on film and that he blocked for his teammates when he didn't have the ball. Tennessee bound

Shayon Green- I mentioned this name to anyone that would listen to me after seeing his film. He is long and gives that speed off the edge that everyone loves these days. Great motor and didn't give up on plays. Miami bound

Mike Tamburo- If you seen this kid play over the last few years, you knew this one was a easy one. I would just shake my head at some of the plays he would make. Never gave up even when down late in the game. Boise State bound

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