New School and New Offers For 2010 RB

Storm Johnson has new school for his senior year and 2 new offers from BCS schools in the last 24 hours. Hear what he had to say about it...

After winning two state championships at Buford high school, Storm Johnson enrolled into Loganville high school on Tuesday.

How has it been so far at Loganville?

Storm Johnson -" It has been really nice to be there. They welcomed me with open arms and everybody has told me how glad they are that I am there. I told them I happy to be here and looking forward to making the program better in anyway I can."

I know it had to be a tough decision to leave a school like Buford.

Storm Johnson -" It was, but my parents had a better opportunity in Loganville so we moved there. I am happy to be here."

I understand you picked up two big offers in the last 24 hours?

Johnson -" Oh yes sir, I got offers from Florida State and West Virginia."

I imagine that Loganville high school coach Eric Godfrey had a very good Tuesday morning. Not too many times in your coaching career do you get to coach a running back of this caliber, much less have one transfer into your district.

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