One on One with Walton Coach Rocky Hidalgo

Some coaches wait a lifetime for a "Dream Job". New Walton coach Rocky Hidalgo knows he has job at a elite program.

After spending 13 years at one program you know it inside and out. Coach Hidalgo knows what he has at 5A power Walton High School. He took time to discuss this in a Gavsv.Com exclusive interview...

Coach what was it like working with coach Ed Dudley?

Coach Hidalgo-"Coach Dudley is a tremendous person and coach. He taught me alot about coaching. He taught our staff as well many things on and off the field. Ware County is about to find out that got themselves a great coach, but also a better man. Ed always let us coach. In my 13 years he never once walked over to me and told me to run this or run that. He hired us to do a job and he let us do that. I could always bounce idea's off of him. I know I am and the guys on our staff are better men after working for him."

You hired one of our own in Scout.Com's Burke Hayes as LB coach?

Coach Hidalgo-" The most important thing for us is to make sure we hire good people and good role models. I have known Burke for 7 years now and we know he fits that role for us. He is a good man and that is the most important thing for us."

What was it like coaching David Paulsen?

Coach Hidalgo-" David is great from a character standpoint. He is a hardworking great young man. He did anything you asked out of him. He played fullback, linebacker, H-back,tight end, defensive tackle and defensive end. Oklahoma State is getting a STEAL in him. I know some local schools tried to get in on him late, but Oklahoma State got him and they got a complete player."

What can you tell the people from Walton to expect out of your teams in the future?

Coach Hidalgo-" They can expect more of the same they have seen in the past. We are going to be a hard nosed football team that will try to out work people. Run the ball, control the ball and play great defense. Protect the ball and limit mistakes are what we are expecting out our kids. We are not going to go away from what brought us to where we are. I know we are excited about the upcoming season."

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