One on One with Ware County Coach Ed Dudley

Coach Ed Dudley took timeout with GAVSV.Com to discuss his new job at Ware County.

I would imagine it was a gut wrenching decision to leave a program like Walton High in Georgia for Coach Dudley. He explains the reasons and speaks about his new job in this GAVSV exclusive.

Coach before we get into your current position, lets discuss Walton for a minute. What was your time there like and what do you want to tell those people that supported your teams?

Coach Dudley-" The Walton experience was the time of my life. You talk about your life's work and places you have a impact and a place that had a impact on you, that was Walton for me. It has been a incredible wild ride and we kind of built the program as we went. The program got better and better and I really felt the timing of me leaving was ok ,because the program is in very good shape. It was very sad to leave Walton on one hand, but very exciting to take on a new job at Ware."

What was it about the Ware County job that made you look at it as a possible place to go?

Coach Dudley-" There were several factors that I looked at. The main one was life in a small town and the chance to coach at a school that was the only one around. That is just something that has always been a goal and dream of mine to be at a school like that. I always wanted to coach at the one horse town. Ware County fit all those factors for me. Just looking at the place I have known since I was a player about the tradition of Waycross area. Coach Ragle did a great job with this program."

Coach what type of product do you want the people of Ware to see under you?

Coach Dudley-" I think we are going to put a very exciting product on the field. On defense we are retaining Jimmy Francis as our DC and he does a great job with that. He has instilled a toughness as a trademark the last few years. I know that will remain the same. On offense we hope to be exciting as well as we try to run Florida's offense. Get the ball to our athlete's in space and let them make plays. We are excited about this fall and I know the schedule is tough. We will have a lot of young players stepping out there for the first time. Expectations are going to be high and everybody wants to win now. I think there is some unfinished business here from two years ago. The region championship and state championship is goal of ours every year at Ware County."

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