Weekend Visits and More Junior Days

Some school are having Junior Days this weekend and GAVSV.com takes a look at who is going where.

Some of the best from the Peach State will be at South Carolina and Alabama this weekend. Here is a partial list

South Carolina

Mack Brown

Demetruce McNeal

Demarco McNeal

Kolton Houston

Daunte Carr

Duvon Millsap

Connor Shaw

Mack Brown

Terry Williams

Max Garcia

Tyrone Cornelius

South Carolina has always done very well in the state of Georgia that includes players like George Rogers and Jared Cook to name just a few. Very impressive list led by Mack Brown that the Gamecocks have on campus this weekend.


Da' Rick Rogers

Nash Nance

Antonio Goodwin

Jonathan Watters

Drew Pearson

Marcus Jackson

Blake Gowder

TJ Stripling

Brian Vogler

Austin Shephard

JuWuan James

Garry Peters

Tai-ler Jones

Ronald Carswell

Again this is just a partial list but it does show how much Alabama is involved in the Peach State for the 2010 prospects.

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