One on One with Calhoun's Hal Lamb caught with Calhoun coach Hal Lamb. Hear what he has to say about the 2008 season and how he plans to handle his quarterback situation.

I spoke with a coach yesterday that said he has not had a college coach come to his school in the last two years. Coach Lamb has the opposite problem at his school. He has 2 coaches a day at his school. " It has been very busy around here" says Lamb.

Calhoun has played for the state championship two times in the last four years to give you a idea of where this program is. I said it back in December and I will say it again. I would take Coach Lamb at my school any day of the week.

Coach can you talk about your 2008 season that saw your team make it all the way to the Georgia Dome and the state championship game?

Coach Hal Lamb-"Rusty, it was a very special year for us. Not only for our team and fans, but for our staff as well. It was very gratfying as a coaching staff to see these kids get better as the year went on. The kids came together at the right time after a couple of early losses in the season. After that second loss and open week, we had a heart to heart talk as a team. After that things just started to go our way. It was a tremendous year even though we didn't win that last game."

What did you tell your kids the week of the Buford game? Did you talk to your kids about enjoying the moment?

Coach Lamb-" I think we made that mistake back in 2005 by talking about that. I think the 2005 team was a team that was just happy to be there. I made it a point not to talk about that this time. We talked about winning the state championship. Everybody knew we had a uphill battle going against Buford. Buford is very well coached team and a top notch program. We knew it would take a tremendous effort to win that game. You have to give them credit, they did not make any mistakes in that game."

Coach I was at the Pepperell game and that atmosphere was unreal. Did that game stand out to you in the 2008 season?

Coach Lamb-" I think we had two games that really stood out to me. The Pepperell and Brooks County games. That Pepperell game was a game that everybody had looked forward to since early in the year.The atmosphere at that game was pretty special. You usually have one game a year like that, but to have two of those in one year was special. We were fortunate to win both of those."

With alot of hype surrounding your team for 2009, what are you telling your team in the offseason?

Coach Lamb-" I am in the middle of one on one 15 minute meeting with each player.We talk about what we expect from them and team goals for next year. I am hearing some good things from our players. I am big senior leadership type guy. We are only going to be as good as our seniors. I let them know that all this recruiting stuff will work out, but right now they are here to help Calhoun win a region championship and state championship. That is the goal every year at Calhoun and that will never change."

Coach there is alot of talk about the quarterback situation at Calhoun with Michael Johnson and Nash Nance. How will you as a staff handle that?

Coach Lamb-" Right now we are not really concerned with that. Both of those kids are working hard in the weight room and getting ready for the season. We are going to let this play out on the field. Some people think it is a bad situation, but in reality we are deep as we can be at the quarterback position. I think it is going to work out for the best."

Rusty's Final Word- No matter who plays quarterback for this team they will have a weapon in Da' Rick Rogers. Either one will play in a fast paced spread offense and should put up huge numbers. Calhoun will need to find some lineman to help them in their goal to be number 1 at the end of the year.

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