One on One with South Paulding's Tim Glanton

Coach Tim Glanton talks about starting a program from scratch and coaching a player like Ryan Ayers.

Spending some time last spring on the Scout.Com combine circuit I had the pleasure to be around a very knowledgable man about the game. That man was South Paulding coach Tim Glanton. Glanton is not easy to forget with a very raspy voice and complete command of a entire 7 on 7 group at each combine we did.

No matter what city we were in he ran the offensive side of the ball and worked closely with the quarterbacks. Needless to say I have been very impressed with him.

Coach what was it like to start the program at South Paulding and get it to the point it is now?

Coach Tim Glanton-"We came into South Paulding and knew we were the new school and the fifth school in the county. We wanted to build a program quick and make it attractive to people moving from out of state or people moving into our district to want to be here. I wanted people to come here that wanted to be at South Paulding High. I tried to expose my kids probably a little more than the average coach. I took alot of my own time and took my kids where ever we were invited. Myself and some of my staff tooks kids to combines, camps, college football games etc. We tried to get them as much football experience and knowledge as we could. I am very proud of the job we have done exposing our kids and our program."

What was that first year like at South?

Coach Glanton-" Oh man, it was tough. We started 18 freshman that first year. There was some of those games that we took really bad losses, but the kids kept playing hard. We played 4 varsity games and won the last game of the year. The next year we came back and played 8 varsity games and won 2 of those. Then last year was our first year in a region and we won 4 games. It has been a steady progress. We have not really had a senior class yet, and next year we will have that. Those upcoming seniors have had to learn how to lead on the job. They have really bought into what we are doing here and we expect big things next year. Our kids go into each game knowing they can win now."

I have seen Ryan Ayers in person several times and game films. He is gamebreaker and may be the fastest player in the state. What it is like coaching a player like him?

Coach Glanton-" I have the opportunity to coach some great players ,but none like Ryan. Not only is he a great player on the field, but he is a great young man off the field. He has a ability that you don't coach. He knows he is strong, physical and very talented , but he never once has boasted about it. This young man comes to practice everyday wanting to get better. We had a game last year that was tied 14-14 in the 4th quarter and I brought him on offense to run two vertical routes. After he ran just two plays the score was 28-14. He is a true game changer."

Coach what are your duties with Scout.Com combine circuit? Who are some of the players that have stood out to you over the years?

Coach Glanton-" I started out a few years ago coaching wide receivers and now have focused on the quarterback position the last few years. Two kids from that position that I think are going to really good are Zach Mettenberger and Tate Forcier. Zach is so big and has a great arm. He really knows the game and I think he is going to do big things at UGA. Tate is another quarterback that has stood out to me. He is a perfect fit at Michigan and he also should be successful on the next level."

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