One on One With Rome's Sid Fritts caught up with Rome High Coach Sid Fritts and discussed the Marist Game and coaching a player like Reggie Whatley.

Perhaps no team in the state wants to get to the Georgia Dome worse than Rome High. At least 7 times Rome has been one game away from making the dome. To make matters worse this year Rome was one play away from making it and Marist scored with no time left on the clock. It all depends on who you ask , how that play went.

Coach can you talk about your 2008 season that ended in game 14?

Coach Sid Fritts-" Well our season started out with a scrimmage game against Calhoun and they gave us fits. I think everybody knows what type of team they are. We then lost a tough game at East Paulding. We got our oil checked real early in the season sort of speak. All that made us better as the year went along though. We were on a roll until we played Sprayberry in the region championship and lost. You never want to lose a game going into the playoffs but our kids responded well and won the next 3 games, until we got to Marist. Winning games on the road at Sandy Creek and Statesboro said alot about our kids. It was a fun year."

I don't want to get into the situation about how the game ended. What did you talk to your kids about after that Marist game? I know there was alot going on right after that call was made.

Coach Fritts-" We really just wanted to get our kids in the locker room and make sure they were ok. It was a heart wrenching loss and I was worried about them. I was really proud of the way our kids went from as low as you can be and then instantly have to pick their head up and go across the field to shake hands and wish Marist good luck the next week. It showed alot about our kids character and I told them I was really proud of them for that."

What has been the offseason message to your kids about getting to the dome?

Coach Fritts-" That is what you preach about this time of year. It starts this time of year in the weight room. We have to put last year behind and focus on this new group."

I have always been impressed with the fan support of Rome High. Can you talk about those folks that follow you from week to week?

Coach Fritts-" You know it was a tough year with gas prices and the economy ,but our fans were still there. They followed us to Sandy Creek and all the way down to Statesboro. That atmosphere at Marist was a great one also. We have always had great support from our fans."

What is like coaching a player like Reggie Whatley with his speed?

Coach Fritts-" He is the fastest kid I have ever coached. What makes Reggie so special is the person he is and the way he handles himself off the field. He is a very quiet young man and allows his play to do his speaking. He gives a 100% effort everyday in the classroom and also the football program.

Rusty's Final Word- Rome is always a threat to win it all. Having alot of their offensive lineman back and a game breaker like Reggie Whatley will make them a legit threat in 09 again.

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