Tucker Gets The Ring

GAVSV.com talks to the coach of the 2008 4A State Champions Franklin Stephens.

Coach Bear Bryant once described the University of Florida as a "ticking time bomb". Meaning when the right coach gets in place at that program it would soar to new heights. Tucker has been that way to me for many years. Coach Franklin Stephens took this program where no other Tucker team had been and that was off the field as State Champions.

Coach what made this team different from past teams at Tucker?

Coach Stephens-" I think it was a group of individuals that understood what they wanted to accomplish as a team. This team worked towards that goal all year. We had kids that stepped up at crucial times and we were blessed that some things went our way."

What did you tell your kids the week of the State Championship game against Marist? How did you reassure your kids you could beat them?

Coach Stephens-" We went back and watched the film and the kids knew that we had gotten better as the season went along. We looked at the little things that we did wrong the first game that created all the problems. Our kids knew we were not the same team. We felt like we were ready to play that week going into that game."

Coach how do you keep the kids hungry for the upcoming season?

Coach Stephens-" I told them one of the hardest years I ever had as a coach was the year after we won the State championship at Camden County. Our kids lost some of their hunger the next year. We are going to be extremely young next year and not many of those kids played much for us. We are losing 16 starters and our kickers. These young men have tasted it, but they did not create it. I have explained to them it is their turn now. We have been a program of tradition and now we want to be known as program of winning championships as a tradition."

What can you say about Jonathan Davis and what position do you see him playing on the next level?

Coach Stephens-" He is a very unique kid in what he brings to the table. His intensity and preparation are two things he does well. You can show him things on film and he can bring that to the football field. He brings a attitude that he does not want to lose football games or even lose on a play. I think on the next level he could play as running back, but I think he is going to play some sort of Rover or Safety on defense."

Rusty's Final Word- No team in Georgia was due a state championship more than Tucker. I know they are replacing alot of starters, but Tucker does not rebuild, they RELOAD.

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