Callaway Hoping to Get To Next Level caught up with Coach Michael Wiggins of Callaway High School.

It took about 2 hours after the Kennedy/CES combine for word to get out about group of kids from Callaway and how good they looked.I think Callaway has at least four division one kids on the 2009 team. In 2008 the school had their best season ever with a 10-2 record with key wins over Lovett and GAC.

Now that the 2008 season is over with and you have had time to reflect on it, what are your thoughts about it?

Coach Michael Wiggins-" We had a real good group of seniors this year. This group has really bought into what we do. They were just a great group of leaders. We opened up with Troup and was in that game all the way to the end and followed that up by beating Lovett. I think those 2 weeks really gave our kids some confidence for the rest of the year."

Callaway is returning alot of talent next year. Are you doing anything different in the offseason?

Coach Wiggins" We are going to continue to do what we do. Our kids work really hard in the weight room. We do alot of speed and agility drills as well. We have built our weight program around speed training and core training. It is not secret our team is built on speed. We try to go to every passing camp we can. Our staff believes in that and we think that is making us better as a team. Every week of the summer we will be on the road somewhere trying to get better."

Callaway has become a hot bed of recruiting lately. What has that been like having those coaches in your school?

Coach Wiggins -" Over the last year we have had alot of coaches come thru our school. It really helps the kid's spirit to see coaches like Mark Richt and Nick Saban at your school. Those type of things help the kids get a few more reps in the weightroom or run that extra lap on the track."

Rusty's Final Word- Having players like Quantavious Leslie (WR),LaMichael Fanning( 6'7" Soph),Quan Bray (RB), this team is ready to take the next step. I think Callaway is a legit threat to play their last game in the Georgia Dome.

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