Look Out AA Here Comes Dade County

After playing high school basketball, coaching youth teams and watching basketball for the last 25 years, I have found a team that is a pure joy to watch. Dade County...

is a thing on beauty on the court. This team has no one over (legit 6'2") and looks like nobody on the team has lifted weights maybe more than twice in the last year. To watch them in warm ups you wonder what all the buzz is about.

Two weeks ago I went to watch the 7AA region championship game between Coosa ( Made it to the Elite 8 tonight as well)and Dade County. It took all of about 2 minutes for me to understand I made a big mistake by judging a book by it's cover in Dade.

The group that coach Glen Hicks puts on the floor knows how to play the game as a team. They play a very fast style and can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. A 22-4 run to start the game got my attention real quick.

This team is lead by shooting guard Andrew Houts. He has one of the quickiest releases I have ever seen. Again you have to see him play to appreciate the player he is. If the name Houts sounds familiar it is because of his sister Ashley Houts is a starting guard for the university of Georgia.

Coach what must practice be like to get your kids to play this fast and hard to entire game?

Coach Glen Hicks-" We are a very up tempo team. We work on this everyday and the teams we play only have a day or two to prepare for us so we like to think we are at a advantage. I have always done this and our kids love it, our fans love it as well. We feel like it is a great equalizer to the bigger, more athletic teams we play. By no means is anybody going to be intimated when we walk into the gym.

What is it like watching a player like Andrew Houts play in your system?

Coach Hicks-" Andrew is a better kid than he is player. He is a tremendous young man and he plays hard the entire time he is on the floor.In my 32 years of coaching I have had nobody that has outworked him. My son and the coach at Ider( ALA) were the two others that were right there with him work ethic wise, but they didn't work harder than Andrew. It is a true joy to coach him."

Rusty's Final Word- I can not help to compare this team to the movie Hoosier's. Tonight they beat a much bigger and more athletic team in Callaway 103-99 in double OT coming back from 13 down to do it. I am not a big believer in destiny in sports, but one has to think this team is destined for big things and the next chapter will be written Saturday at 530 in the Elite 8.

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