One On One With Milton's David Boyd talked with Milton's coach David Boyd to discuss their first final four trip in 80 years of history. He also discusses the Wheeler vs. Westlake match up.

Taking his fourth different team to the Final Four, no one questions David Boyd anymore on X's and O's. His record and success speaks for itself. This may be his best job of all with Freshman and Sophomore's playing majority of the time in the highest classification in Georgia in 5A. This weekend his Milton team will make their first ever final four appearance in school history. That history dates back over 80 years according to Boyd.

Coach what teams have you taken to the final four before?

Coach David Boyd-" I have taken Campbell, Tucker, Berkmar and now Milton."

Coach what have seen out of your team since the season regular season ended?

Coach Boyd-" I think sometimes our youth can work in our favor. Those are so young they don't know they are supposed to be nervous at this point( laughing). I guess they just don't know any better. The other thing is that we are so well balanced as a team.Typically we have 4 to 5 and sometimes 6 players in double figures. Our man to man defense has really progressed as the year has went on. I have always thought that man to man defense was a way to control the tempo of the game and that is our style. We like to dictate pace."

Being successful at many different places, have you taught the same style at each school?

Coach Boyd-" I have taught the same defense at every school. Same man to man principles where we want to force the ball towards the sidelines and those type's of things. I have had to adapt to different personnel on offense at each school."

Have you had a chance to watch Newnan yet on film?

Coach Boyd-" I was able to watch them on film today. There is alot of reasons to why they are 26-3, they are good. Their two guards are outstanding, just terrific players. The rest of their kids are very athletic looking and are a product of that outstanding football program they have. Their kids know how to win. It seems this group has been together for a while also with a quiet a few seniors on their team. We have a big challenge in front of us."

As a fan, can you give us your thoughts on Westlake vs Wheeler match up?

Coach Boyd-" Wheeler is so talented and experienced and has tremendous size. They seem to be playing their best basketball at the end of the year. I like the size of Westlake and I think the key for them is to be able to match up with Wheeler on the perimeter. It will be interesting to watch. It will be alot better for me to watch if we had just won the 530 game."

Rusty's Final Word- In only his second year at Milton and playing with Freshman and Sophomore's mostly, I would not bet against David Boyd and Milton this weekend.

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