Perry is " Hungry"

Perry High School Coach talks about 2008 and Coaching Johnnie Farms.

Coach how tough a year was 2-8 coming off a 9-4 season in 2007?

Coach Andy Scott-" It was huge let down for not only our players , but for our coaches and community. At the same time I felt like we had alot of good kids that stepped up and tried to help us. We lost 4 ballgames in the final 3-4 minutes and those were heartbreaking losses too. They say losses like that in the end will make your program better in the long run, but I wouldn't wish those on my worst enemy to be honest with you. Those were very tough to go through as a staff and team. It makes someone like a Robert Davis( Warner Robins and Westside Macon) that much more impressive to have never had a losing season to me."

How are you approaching the offseason coming off the 2008 season?

Coach Scott-" As soon as the season was over, I gave the kids 2 weeks off then we hit the weights. The biggest thing with us is that we felt we lost those games by mistakes we made and not getting beat by a team. I think Cairo and Peach County were the two best teams we played and they had a hand in us losing those games. We just need to make sure we dont beat ourselves in games anymore. Mistakes we made in 2008 was the reason we lost games. Our kids know this. We have tried to erase all the bad feelings from last year and flushed that out of system. It does not matter if it lifting weights or on the track, we are concentrating on no mistakes and discipline in every exercise.Paying attention to details is a heavy focus in this offseason."

Johnnie Farms may have been my favorite prospect to watch on film for the 2009 class. What was it like coaching him?

Coach Scott-" The biggest thing was going through the recruiting process with him as a player and as a staff. As a player his incredible strength and being so athletic at his size. It is a deadly combination for someone of his size.It was tough at times going through the process with him, it overwhelmed him and us at times."

Coach what is it like in Perry on a Friday night?

Coach Scott-" Having been here 8 years, I know the people of Perry are hungry for a winner. In 2007 when we went up to North Hall I think our whole town came with us. Our fans and this community has been behind us 100%."

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