One On One With Marist Shortstop Kyle Farmer

UGA signee Kyle Farmer speaks on his decision to attend UGA and playing quarterback for his football team in the State Championship game.

What were you stats in 2008?

Kyle Farmer-" I batted .400 with 9HR's and 45 RBI's.

How far did you go in the playoffs in 08?

Farmer-"We lost in the 2nd round."

What is the goal this year for your team?

Farmer,-" We have 6 seniors coming back and 5 of them start. We hope to make a run."

What were the schools that recruited you?

Farmer-" July 1st is the first day that schools can call you. I committed to UGA on the 9th of July. During that time I heard from Ole Miss, Tennessee, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Louisville and Georgia.

What position are you going to play at UGA?

Farmer-" They told me I could play shortstop and I hope to play as a freshman. I was told it is my spot to lose. Hopefully I can make it happen."

When are you going to UGA?

Farmer- " I am going to be playing with the East Cobb Yankees this summer and after that I will be at Georgia on August 13th."

Switching sports, what can you say about playing quarterback for Marist and making it to the state championship game?

Farmer-"The 2008 football season was the most fun I ever had playing baseball or football. Being a senior at Marist and playing football you are always looked up to and being a leader is what I love to do. I made lifelong friends. I was going to quit before my junior year but I am glad that I stayed with it. I already miss it. People have told me you will always miss your football days in high school and I didn't believe that. I believe that now. It also made me a better baseball player and more mentally tough."

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