2011 Big Man " Taking It Slow"

Dalton High School Offensive Tackle is hearing from Schools on both coast.

When you are 6'7" and 292 lbs as a Sophomore you are going to get attention. Watts Dantzler is getting more than his share of attention at this point in this high school career.

Did you attend junior day in Athens last weekend?

Watts Dantzler-" I went to Athens and it was nice. I had a real good time."

What schools are you hearing from the most?

Dantzler-" Georgia has came to my school two times in the last few months to see me and Jalen Fields. Georgia Tech sends me alot of letters all the time. I usually get 2 or 3 a day from various schools."

What letter did you get that suprised you to get?

Dantzler-" I got a few letters from UCLA and Oregon. Surprised me to get those from Pac 10 schools."

Do you have any plans to visit schools this summer?

Dantzler-" I am going down to Auburn for their 1 day camp. I will also be going to Georgia and Georgia Tech for their 1 day camps. I think I will also be going down to Auburn pretty soon."

Even though you have a long way to go in your process, what would be your top 5 as of today in no particular order?

Dantzler-" Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt would be my top 5 as of today. I am taking things really slow. I want to see as many schools as I can over the next 2 years.

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