One On One Adairsville's Jim Kremer

Coach Kremer talks about the first thing he did when he got to Adairsville and coaching Warren Sapp in high school.

Coaching in Florida, Georgia and Alabama in the last 15 years, Coach Kremer will bring a mountain of experience to Adairsville High School.

He is no stranger to the 7AA region either after being at Calhoun for 8 years on staff with Hal Lamb.

Coach what was it like coaching Warren Sapp?

Coach Jim Kremer-" He was a undersized tight end that not many people recruited. He was about 6'1" and 240lbs. He didn't have any offers until January of his senior year. Miami offered and the rest is history."

Where have you been the last few years as a coach?

Coach Kremer-" I was the head coach at Apopka, Florida for a few years after being the offensive coordinator there as well. I then had a opportunity to come to Calhoun with coach Lamb. I really thought I had died and went to Heaven when I went to Calhoun. That is such a special place. I was at Calhoun for 8 years and then had a opportunity to go over to Mountain Brook, Alabama so I took it. I really wanted the Adairsville job two years ago, but I didn't think the time was right at that time. When it came back open this time, I knew it was where I wanted to be and my family wanted to be as well."

How has it been since your arrival?

Coach Kremer- " The community has been great. The kids have responded tremendously. We are going to add some coaches to the existing staff we have. We do have some great coaches already here. You know as good as I do, that you are only as good as the people that are around you. I have some really good coaches trying to get a job here and we are going to hire a few more to complete the staff. When I am interviewing these guys I talk about life with them and why they got into coaching. I try to get feel that way from them."

What was something that you did as soon as you got there with your team?

Coach Kremer-" I worked on the trust factor with the kids. The chemistry and trust factor. The kids and whole community had been through alot here and I wanted the kids to know they could trust me. I met with the seniors and let them know that I was going to do everything I can to make this a good situation for them and the team. I am not blaming anybody or former coaches, but there was just alot of confusion and the kids got caught in the middle of it. I know it was important to address that quickly."

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