Junior Olympic riflry trials to be held in Georgia

Qualification for the National Junior Olympic Three-Position Air Rifle Championships will be held in two locations in Georgia next month. The events, sponsored by USA Shooting, will be held at Ft. Benning Feb. 2, and at Richmond Academy High School, Augusta, Feb. 15.

The state level Junior Olympic three-position air rifle competitions are designed to qualify competitors to attend the National Junior Olympic Three-Position Air Rifle Championships.

USA Shooting is serving as the coordinator of this cooperative program on behalf of the American Legion, Daisy-US Junior Chamber of Commerce, 4-H Shooting Sports, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the National Guard, Army, Navy and USMC JROTC, Boy Scout-Venturing and USA Shooting.

Match sponsors are the Civilian Marksmanship Program and Daisy Outdoor Products.

Qualifying matches will be held in two locations.

1. Ft. Benning Georgia 2/8/2003. Contact Match Director Bill Wayda at 770 487-4716 Fax 770 632-0472 or wgwbhw420@worldnet.att.net (Fired in conjunction with monthly PTO)

2. Augusta, Georgia, Richmond Academy H.S. 2/15/2003 Contact Match Director Phillip Williams (706) 722-1846 ext 233 or phillipawilliams@hotmail.com (Limited to total of 12 teams split over 3 relays at 9:00 AM, 12:00 noon and 3:00 PM.

Only one of the two listed matches may be entered for record.

Course of fire: The course of fire is 3x20 (20 prone, 20 standing and 20 kneeling) for both precision and sporter events.

Eligibility for national competition: Any student (no minimum age) currently enrolled in elementary, middle, high school or equivalent educational program such as home schooling (or just graduated). Teams must maintain team integrity. Teams will consist of 4 shooters from the same school or club team. No "all-star" teams.

Membership: USA Shooting Membership is not required.

Rules: National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules 4th Edition will apply with applicable changes.

Entry fees:

Ft. Benning: $25.00 per person includes USA Shooting PTO entry

Augusta: $10 per person. Please submit fees with your registration Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the first 3 teams in Sporter & Precision. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for the first 3 individuals in Sporter & Precision. The CMP will provide a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) Team Champion Trophy and three individual medals for the high individual JROTC shooters in each state. Competitors in this competition are eligible for EIC points.

Results: A complete match bulletin in excel file format will be e-mailed to anyone requesting it. This file will be available on Monday Feb. 17, 2002. The results will also be available on line at:

Registration to attend the National 3-position Air Rifle Junior Olympic Championships: Complete combined competition results showing rank order by score and team selection rankings will be sent to USA Shooting immediately following the completion of the last event.

The top ranking Precision and the top ranking Sporter team shall be notified by the state coordinator and supplied with a national program, the state guide and a verbal overview of the program.

The winning state teams (notified by the state coordinator) are required to contact USA Shooting and submit prepayment of reservations for dorm rooms and meals by May 1, 2003. The state-designated coach/team leader must submit pre payment for entry fees ($160) by May 16, 2002. Local transportations will be subsidized by the CMP again in 2003.

At large qualifiers: Additional invitations will be given to approximately 30 nationally ranked individuals on a space available basis. These invitations will go to the top 15 Sporter and top 15 Precision individual shooters who are not members of teams that qualify for the national championship, as determined from the nationally consolidated state results. These individuals will be notified by May 1, 2003. Individuals will automatically be given a reservation in the dorms and for meals, but this will require you to cancel them by May 5, 2003 or you will be charged for them. Individuals must submit pre payment for entry fees ($40). Final submission date for individuals traveling alone must be submitted by May 15. 2003.

National Program: Copies of the National Match program bulletin are available at: http://www.usashooting.com/Youth/2003Nationalpgrm.html

State Coordinator: Phillip A. Williams, 2908 Foxhall Circle, Augusta, GA 30907 phillipawilliams@hotmail.com (706) 722-1846 ext 233 office (706) 860-8217 home (706) 722-1383 fax

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